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Mountain Go Trekking is Nepal’s leading adventure travel holiday agent with over 15 years experience and specializes for trekking, tours and adventure holidays in Nepal, India, Tibet & Bhutan. Recognized by Ministry of Tourism & approved by all tourism departments of Nepal with valid licenses and certificates in order to organize all holiday trips in Himalayan of Nepal & other activities related with this filed over a decade. After a vast experience Bharat karki founded Mountain Go Trekking & Expedition Pvt. Ltd in July 2010. Since then MGT has organized various successful over 6500 meters expedition and many more high elevation lodge & camping treks to Amphulhpcha, Tashilapcha, Sherpani Col, Larkye La Pass, Three high passes trek, Throng la pass, Messokanto pass, Kangla pass, Upper dolpo, Upper Mustang, Tsum Valley & Manaslu Tsum Valley, Gosaikunada pass, Ganjala pass so on for numerous times with great hospitality for the clients of all over Europe, American, Japan, Australian and Indian. We always stand for social welfare in the communities work. We are particularly focused to build school and Library which is in the remote village areas of mountain since a decade.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide the best service possible and help to create an unforgettable travel holiday. We help you to design your trek to fit your available time, budget, value of money  and have been providing individual / group service -a choice of range of all activities suited to your needs and abilities. So, Join with us and feel the unforgettable travel experiences at affordable price